Spring 2021 Campus Groups

👋 Welcome back, everyone! 👋

We’re so excited to be back at the Vallo! Here’s what we’re reminding ourselves of daily…

Social distancing = 👍
Social isolation = 👎

Our response to this situation is …. 💥 CAMPUS GROUPS 💥 

What are campus groups❓

Campus Groups are small groups, each led by a pair of current UM students. We believe Campus Groups will be the best answer to helping all-around student health during this school year. These groups will hold physical, mental, and spiritual health in the highest regards.

💪 Physical health – Groups will be limited in number (no more than 10 students in each group). They will meet outdoors when possible, and always have more than enough space to remain socially distanced. We’ll even have virtual only groups as an option if that better fits your situation!

💡 Mental health – People are relational and communal by nature. Socially isolating, especially for extended periods of time, can easily affect levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Maintaining existing or even starting new friendships will be more important than ever during this school year!

💗 Spiritual health – We don’t want to neglect the deep questions of life, and the events of this year have brought up some really difficult ones! In fact, a number of studies show significant increase in online searches related to prayer and faith. Maybe you’re already a follower of Christ, or maybe you’re seeking greater understanding in the areas of faith and Christian beliefs. Either way, these groups are for you!

Each group will only officially meet once a week, at a specific time and in a set place, but don’t be surprised if these people become the ones you text on a daily basis! We’ll prioritize honesty, authenticity, encouragement, Bible study, and prayer.

Don’t neglect making meaningful relationships this year!
We need each other…we need YOU!